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Media Mix: Exploding Churros; Marshmallow Vodka Madness; and Carla Hall's Food Journey

Media Mix: Exploding Churros; Marshmallow Vodka Madness; and Carla Hall's Food Journey

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Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Byte brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Chile Daily Newspaper Ordered to Pay for Churro Burns: Chile's Supreme Court has ordered a daily to pay $125,000 to 13 cooks who were burned while trying a published churro recipe. [AP]

Hello Kitty Restaurant Opens in China: A Sanrio-authorized Hello Kitty-themed restaurant called the "Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant" is so popular, you usually need a reservation to get in. [China Daily]

How Carla Hall's Modeling Career Taught Her to Eat: The Chew host discusses her travels through Europe and recalls her first taste of gnocchi, calling the dish a "pasta thingy." [WSJ]

Introducing the White Strawberry: Are pineapple-y white strawberries, or pineberries, going to go big in 2012? [Telegraph]

Burglar Only Remembers Drinking Marshmallow Vodka: A 19-year-old who broke into two homes and fell asleep at the second one told Chicago police that the last thing he remembered was drinking marshmallow vodka. [Chicago Tribune]

The Daily Byte is a regular column dedicated to covering interesting food news and trends across the country. Click here for previous columns.

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